OpenXRI: server

The OpenXRI server web application can be deployed to run an XRI authority resolution server and/or XRI proxy resolution server. XRI authority resolution servers and XRI proxy resolution servers are the equivalent to name servers in DNS infrastructure.

XRI authority resolution server

An XRI authority resolution server is authoritative for one or more root namespaces, and its job is to answer requests about XRI subsegments under these root namespaces. Such requests are made by XRI resolvers. For example, if you own the i-name @company, you could run your own XRI authority resolution server to set up the community i-names @company*usa, @company*japan and @company*france.

XRI proxy resolution server

An XRI proxy resolution server can resolve any XRI on a client's behalf. One such XRI proxy resolution server is deployed at XRI proxy resolution servers are used by clients by appending an XRI to the URL of a proxy resolution server plus optional input parameters, for example: /@free*earth?_xrd_r=application/xrds+xml


Download OpenXRI server from Sourceforge


See OpenXRI:ServerQuickStart on the wiki.

See the OpenXRI Server User Manual in the Sourceforge repository.

Also see OpenXRI:ServerArchitecture and OpenXRI:ServerPipelineArchitecture on the wiki.


The OpenXRI server web application is packaged as a .war file for deployment in a servlet container.